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Radifocus® Obturator - Sheath accessory

An obturator supports the wall of the indwelling introducer sheath without a catheter in place. It is used to prevent clotting reactions inside the sheath.


  • ​Hub with connection system to the sheath's hub
  • High flexibility and kink-resistance
  • Made of propylene with a rounded tip

Item Specifications

Compatible introducer sheath size ​

Length ​
10 cm25 cm
4 FrXX*RF050410M
5 FrXX*RF050510MXX*RF050525M
6 FrXX*RF050610MXX*RF050625M
7 FrXX*RF050710MXX*RF050725M
8 FrXX*RF050810MXX*RF050825M
9 FrXX*RF050910M

Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order









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