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Nobori® - Drug eluting stent

Nobori Drug Eluting Stent is indicated for improving luminal diameter and reducing in-stent restenosis for the treatment of coronary artery lesions.

The design of the Nobori stent, which features a biolimus A91 drug and biodegradable polymer, is coated only on the abluminal side of the stent.

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Ultimaster® - Drug eluting stent

Pushing the boundaries of science and medical engineering for the improvement of health: Ultimaster combines an optimal balance between stent design for ultimate conformability with simultaneous polymer resorption and drug release, to match the procedure-triggered biological response in the vessel.1 This results in optimal vessel recovery and potentially shortened DAPT time.2

Mastering rapid and healthy coronary vascular repair.

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Heartrail® II - PTCA guiding catheter

Heartrail II is developed to maximize your back-up force when using right and left Ikari curves during transradial interventions and through its innovative 5-in-6 system.

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Climber® - PTCA guiding catheter

Climber represents the ideal combination of dedicated hydrophilic coating, large inner lumen and passive back-up support.

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