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Coronary Micro-Guide Catheter

Finecross® MG - Coronary micro-guide catheter

Finecross MG microcatheter combines excellent crossability and optimal guidewire support to treat very challenging cases involving tortuous vessels, chronic total occlusions (CTO), bifurcations, and highly stenosed and calcified lesions.

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FineDuo® - Multifunctional dual-lumen microcatheter

​FineDuo is a low profile, multifunctional, dual lumen micro-catheter that provides robust support and easy access to complex coronary vasculature1.

Whenever you need support and access for:

  • Complex anatomies, including tortuous coronary vasculature
  • Complex pathologies including acute angulated lesions
  • Complex procedures and wiring techniques requiring greater force transmission2,3


FineDuo maximizes procedural success2,4, while minimizing radiation exposure5 and procedural time.4,6

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