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Kaname® - Bare metal stent

Kaname CoCr Coronary Stent System is indicated to improve myocardial blood flow in patients with stenotic lesions in coronary arteries.

Cobalt chromium technology, thin struts and homogenous cell geometry provide conformability to the vessel wall and stent flexibility to treat the most difficult lesions.

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Tsunami® Gold - Bare metal stent

Tsunami Gold Bare Metal Stent is intended for improving myocardial blood flow in patients with stenotic lesions in coronary arteries with a reference vessel diameter between 2.0 mm and 4.0 mm.

Tsunami Gold is recognized as a proven treatment for coronary disease. Thin struts offer a very low crossing profile and radiopaque markers assure precise positioning of the stent.

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Nobori® - Drug eluting stent

Nobori Drug Eluting Stent is indicated for improving luminal diameter and reducing in-stent restenosis for the treatment of coronary artery lesions.

The design of the Nobori stent, which features a biolimus A91 drug and biodegradable polymer, is coated only on the abluminal side of the stent.

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Ultimaster® - Drug eluting stent

Pushing the boundaries of science and medical engineering for the improvement of health: Ultimaster combines an optimal balance between stent design for ultimate conformability with simultaneous polymer resorption and drug release, to match the procedure-triggered biological response in the vessel.1 This results in optimal vessel recovery and potentially shortened DAPT time.2

Mastering rapid and healthy coronary vascular repair.

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