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Radifocus® Vessel Dilator - Sheath accessory

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Outer diameter ​Length ​Guidewire compatibility ​
0.035" (0.89 mm)0.038" (0.97 mm)
4 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD40K10M
5 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD50K10MRF*VD50N10M
6 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD60K10MRF*VD60N10M
7 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD70K10MRF*VD70N10M
8 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD80K10MRF*VD80N10M
9 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD90K10MRF*VD90N10M
10 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD10K10M
11 Fr15.5 cmRF*VD11K10M

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