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Terumo scientific programme at EuroPCR 2016


​Sharing solutions to frequent challenges in PCI strategies with complex anatomies and patients

Wednesday May 18, 2016, 16:30 - 18:00


Chairperson: Dr. Philip Urban
Co-Chairperson: Dr. Christian ​Spaulding


​16:30 - 16:33​Session objectives
Dr. Philip Urban
​16:33 - 16:41​A challenging bifurcation case
Dr. Antonio Colombo
​16:41 - 16:49​Is there an alternative strategy?
Dr. Julinda Mehilli
​16:49 - 16:59​Discussion and audience interaction
​16:59 - 17:01​Key learnings
Dr. Philip Urban
​17:01 - 17:09​A challenging STEMI patient
Dr. Gennaro Sardella
​17:09 - 17:17​Is there an alternative strategy?
Dr. Cesar Moris
​17:17 - 17:27​Discussion and audience interaction
​17:27 - 17:29​Key learnings
Dr. Christian Spaulding
​17:29 - 17:37

​A challenging high bleeding risk patient
Dr. Marco Valgimigli

​17:37 - 17:45​Is there an alternative strategy?
Dr. Bernard Chevalier
​17:45 - 17:55​Discussion and audience interaction
​17:55 - 17:57​Key learnings
Dr. Philip Urban
17:57 - ​18:00​Session evaluation and key learnings
Dr. Christian Spaulding