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A harvester rod with V-keeper, V-lock and V-cutter

  • Targeted, low energy during cauterizing and cutting of branches
  • Quick ease and control of branch tautness
  • The V-keeper holds down the saphenous vein to minimize potential damage to the vein during cauterization.
    It is designed to set up the proper branch tautness and work in concert with the V-cutter for optimal sealing and cutting.
  • The V-lock mechanism secures the saphenous vein in place during the harvesting and transection of the branches.
    It ensures that all the branches are cauterized and cut prior to removing the harvester rod from the leg.
  • The V-cutter is a simple cut-and-coagulate mechanism employing targeted low energy.
    It provides both functions in one easy step.
A harvester rod with V-keeper, V-lock and V-cutter

"Open" system distal insufflation with non-occlusive trocar

  • May lower the risk of CO2 embolism
  • May lower risk of intraluminal clot

A dissector rod with an atraumatic conical tip, centering rings, and CO2 delivered at the tip

  • Centering rings allow the clinician to monitor the location of the dissector cone tip relative to the vein during dissection

Unique wiper to clean the endoscope lens

  • One wiper activation immediately improves visibility
  • Allows cleaning in the tunnel without the need for additional fluid 
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Two-handed Positioning of the Dissector


Branch Cutting



​The Terumo® Endoscope is a 5.5 mm endoscope designed exclusively for the VirtuoSaph™ EVH System utilizing Olympus technology.


This device is a simple clip-on trocar. The body of the trocar is inserted into the leg incision and stays in place with the clip securely placed on the skin. It places little or no pressure on the vein at the incision site.

​Dissector Rod

To dissect the saphenous vein and surrounding branches.

​Harvester Rod

To coagulate and cut the branches of the saphenous vein in one easy step.

Ordering information

Product codeUnits/Case

Disposable Products

VirtuoSaph Endoscopic Vein Harvesting System,
sterile, (includes dissector, harvester and trocar)

Trocar, sterile (for spare)





Endoscope Product

5.5 mm Endoscope


Generator Products

Bipolar cord



Sterilisation tray for endoscope and components

Sterilisation tray for endoscope





Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order​

For more information regarding the VirtuoSaph™ EVH System,
please contact your local Terumo Europe representative: click here









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