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CDI™ Blood Parameter Monitoring System

The proven technology of the CDI® Blood Parameter Monitoring System 500 delivers continuous blood parameter readings, providing early detection of changes in patient status during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

CDI System 500

Based on optical fluorescence and reflectance technologies, the CDI System 500 continuously measures or calculates 11 critical blood parameter values during cardiopulmonary bypass. Access to continuous information is a key advantage in optimum patient management because it enables clinicians to react without delay to changes in blood parameter values.

Less Than One Minute Response Time
The CDI System 500 shunt sensor is designed to be placed in a shunt line where the blood is in direct contact with the system’s sterile microsensors. The system’s average response time for measured parameters pH, pCO2, pO2 and K+ is less than one minute.

Easy Set Up and Calibration
There is no warm-up time required for installation or calibration. Installing the sensor in the shunt line requires a few, simple luer connections. The shunt sensor also can be added after the initiation of bypass, facilitating set up in emergency cases.

System Features
● Self-diagnostic system verifies proper functioning of electronics and optics.
● System alerts provide visual and audible indicators when parameters fall outside user-specified limits.









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