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RX Muso® - PTA balloon dilatation catheter

RX Muso is a PTA balloon dilatation catheter, intended to be used for the treatment of stenotic or occlusive lesions in various arteries, excluding coronary, cervical and cerebral vessels, to improve blood flow.


  • ​​Low profile RX PTA balloon. Compatible with 0.018" (0.46 mm) guidewires
  • Semi-compliant balloon for wide applicability
  • Two catheter length options available

General Specifications

Balloon material / foldingPolyamide / tri-fold
Nominal pressure4 mm and 5 mm balloon : 6 atm
6 mm and 7 mm balloon : 4 atm
Rated burst pressure4 mm and 5 mm balloon : 14 atm
6 mm and 7 mm balloon : 12 atm
Entry profile0.65 mm
Outer diameter (Distal shaft)3.6 Fr / 1.2 mm
Outer diameter (Hypotube)2.4 Fr / 0.8 mm
Minimum sheath size5 Fr / 1.7 mm
Minimum guiding catheter size6 Fr (0.067" / 1.70 mm)
Usable length of catheter90 cm / 150 cm
Balloon length20 mm

Item Specifications

Balloon diameter (mm)​Catheter length (cm) ​

Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order









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