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Medisafe Fit Smile™

Technology that speaks in colours​

The Medisafe Fit Smile blood glucose meter has a bright, large display which shows color coded values and statistics for an easy interpretation of the values.
The step-by-step and voice guidance makes it intuitive and easy to handle – from the first time.

The single-packed Test TIPs are easy to use and protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt.​


In compliance with ISO 15197:2013​ ISO-15197-2013.png

Product Illustrations

Color-coded blood glucose levels

​Screen color helps patients to understand if their glucose values are inside or outside their target range.
An additional Smile symbol indicates that the glucose level is good.
(Please note: Patients are advised to talk to their physician before setting and changing ranges.)

Easy to read display

​Bright large display with easy to read figures, also in the dark.

Step-by-step guidance

​​Step-by-step on-screen instructions support patient diabetes education and guides first-time users during their initial introduction in using the device.

Voice guidance

​Step-by-step audible instructions and presentation of the glucose levels and error messages by voice assists blind or low vision patients.

Color graph tracks blood glucose levels

​​Color-coded graphs show the cumulative number of pre-meal blood glucose levels of the week in five levels from low to high glucose.

Exceptional Test TIP

  • ​Individually packed Test TIPs are protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt
  • One-way Test TIP ensures correct attachment every time
  • The nozzle-like tip permits easy blood sampling
  • Clean disposal with the ejector lever
  • No Coding

Simple data transfer

​​Wireless data transfer via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Placing the meter on top of the NFC reader unit allows records to be transferred directly to a computer.
(Requires an NFC Reader)

DIABASS® is a registered trademark of mediaspects GmbH.

Item Specifications

​Medisafe Fit Smile Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product ​PiecesCode

Medisafe Fit Smile first display.jpg
Blood Glucose Meter


country related1

Medisafe Fit test TIP.pngMEDISAFE FIT
Blood Glucose Test TIP

Finetouch Lancing Device.png 
Lancing device
Finetouch Lancet.png TERUMO FINETOUCH

1 Please contact your local Terumo office









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