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CAPIOX® RX Oxygenators

Family of Hollow Fiber Oxygenators


Balanced Performance
● Low priming volume, high gas exchange and low pressure drop are optimally balanced for superb performance.
● Hollow fibers manufactured exclusively by Terumo using a patented technology with total quality management from raw materials to finished product.
● Woven fiber bundle ensures consistent and high-performance gas exchange.
● Choice of blood outlet port configurations for easy access and increased circuit flexibility.
● Top-to-bottom blood flow path and air purge line provide excellent air removal capability.
● No DEHP used in PVC tubing.

Hardshell Reservoir

Full Featured
● Elongated shape provides a stable blood flow path and enhanced visibility at all levels from all angles.
● Rotating venous inlet improves set-up flexibility.
● No DEHP used in PVC tubing.
● Connecting mount increases flexibility in circuit set-up and oxygenator rotation.
● Funnel-shaped cardiotomy filter improves breakthrough and residual volumes.
● Positive pressure relief value for additional safety.









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