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Pall® Gas Line Filters

Pall Gas Line Filter

Features and Benefits
• Hydrophobic membrane
• For removal of gas borne particles.
• Removes micro-organisms found in the gas stream
• For in-line gas purification.
• Bi-directional, hydrophobic filter removes >99.999% of bacteria, scale, debris and other particulate contaminants which may be found in the gas stream minimising cross-contamination between patient and equipment
• Protects against backflow of bodily fluids and blood
• May be used with all medical gases such as CO2, N2 and O2
• Has a maximum resistance of 1 psi (70 mbar) at an oxygen flow rate of 15 L/min. The maximum filter pressure rating is 30 psi at ambient temperatures which is well within the range of clinical usage.







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