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K-Pack®II - Nadeln mit Hartkappe und Gehäuseverpackung

The K-Pack®II needle has been developed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Each needle is individually packed in an ergonomically formed hard plastic case, which allows for fully automatic handling of the needles.

Like the Neolus Needle, the K-Pack®II Needle has the ultra-sharp bevel design, which decreases penetration resistance and results in more comfort for the patient.

General Specifications

Shipping Carton5000 units
Shelf Life5 years
Method of sterilizationEthylene Oxide

Item Specifications

ReferenceColour Code



Needle lengthWall
Gauge mm
KN-1838SBPink181.240 mm (1 1/2")Thin
KN-1938RBIvory191.140 mm (1 1/2")Thin
KN-2138RBGreen210.840 mm (1 1/2")Terumo-Thin
KN-2232RBBlack220.730 mm (1 1/4")Terumo-Thin
KN-2238RBBlack220.740 mm (1 1/2")Terumo-Thin
KN-2325RBBlue230.625 mm (1")Terumo-Thin
KN-2332RBBlue230.630 mm (1 1/4")Terumo-Thin
KN-2516RB05Salmon250.516 mm (5/8")Terumo-Thin
KN-2525RBOrange250.525 mm (1")Terumo-Thin
KN-2610RBBrown260.4510 mm (3/8")Regular
KN-2616RBBrown260.4516 mm (5/8")Regular
KN-2713RBGrey270.412 mm (1/2")Regular
KN-2713RBKTGrey270.412 mm (1/2")Thin
KN-2913RBRed290.3312 mm (1/2")Regular
KN-2913RBKTRed290.3312 mm (1/2")Thin
KN-3013RBYellow300.312 mm (1/2")Regular
KN-3013RBKTYellow300.312 mm (1/2")Thin

Please note that some products may not be available in your country. Please contact your (local) Terumo representative for more information.









K-Pack®II Leaflet Product Info/Datasheet_KPackII_A4_2016_0606_LR.pdf K-Pack®II Leaflet 14.06.2016 22:00:00{AB7A5096-B643-49D8-ABB5-9FC9A7785CEF}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8

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