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LeukoGuard BC2

Pall Leukocyte Reduction Blood Cardioplegia Filter

Features and Benefits
The Pall Leukocyte Reduction Blood Cardioplegia Filter combines leukocyte reduction filtration media with a conventional 40 µm micro-emboli removal screen. The new low volume housing (95 mL) and improved media pleating technique allows easy application in modern blood cardioplegia systems.
● Reduces blood cardioplegia of circulating leukocytes, specifically activated neutrophils, which have been implicated as a major cause of myocardial reperfusion injury. (note: the removal efficiency will depend on total volume of blood cardioplegia delivered and the conditions which the blood cardioplegia is administered (i.e. flow, temperature, haemodilution etc).
● Incorporates a 40 µm screen capable of retaining gaseous and particulate microemboli.
● Designed to handle flow rates up to 350 mL/min, for a 3 litre
throughput, over a wide range of cardioplegia administration practices.

* For clinical data please see clinical update or contact your Pall representative.









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